1. I want you here with me…


  2. yummygummysweaterpuppies:


    I think I prefer Queen over The Beatles.

    Just wanted to share



  3. Oh, stop it!

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  4. Hello,

    Well right now I am on my mission and will be for 2 years! I’ve been gone for two months almost and I love it! So glad I chose to go!

    If any of you ever want to learn more go to mormon.org or just ask the missionaries!



  5. battleporn:

    I was just looking at this gifset


    Is Ronnie sneezing or what



  6. battleporn said: Hey hey! I see you're always on my blog, just wanted to say hi!

    Well hiya! Yes you have some great stuff on your blog!


  8. whitehouse:

    We see some great things here at the White House every day, and sharing that stuff with you is one of the best parts of our jobs. That’s why we’re launching a Tumblr. We’ll post things like the best quotes from President Obama, or video of young scientists visiting the White House for the science…

    I feel like John Green is going to love this. Hank too.


  9. mishaslittlefella:

    So today in my human sexuality class my 60-year-old teacher brought up condoms and suggested putting them on with your mouth and we were like ok that’s a cool idea

    and then he grabbed a banana and opened and condom and put the condom in his mouth a fuCKING DEEPTHROATED THE GODDAMN BANANA TO PUT THE CONDOM ON IT AND WE WERE ALL JUST SITTING THERE IN SHOCK AND ONE KID STARTED CLAPPING

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  10. rhydonmyhardon:

    i hate it when flies fucking rub their stupid little shitty hands together like they’re plotting to ruin my life those tiny little bastards

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